….a family community on Lake Wallenpaupack. A great place to live, grow, and enjoy life!
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Millbrook Homeowner's Association
This site will serve as a resource for all homeowners. The homeowner section contains timely minutes of our Spring and Fall Meetings, copies of our newsletters, and our financial records. There is also information for potential homeowners and their realtors such as: how to obtain the required resale certificate; association fees, including water and boat slips; by-laws; and our common-sense rules and regulations which you can find under the other tabs.
News and Updates

Would you like to have peace of mind when you are away from your house in the winter months? My name is Diane Ambrose. I live at 101 Buck Trail in Millbrook, and I have been checking houses in the development for over 15 years. I charge $25 a month, and I will check your house once a week (or after a storm) then email or text you. Call me at 570-504-4138 or email me at dianeambrose18@gmail.com before the winter months are here. References are available.

Millbrook Games:

Saturday, September 1, 2018

We will be starting games promptly at 12 noon. Please arrive at 11:45 am

At noon ages 5 and under will start at the Sand Dig and ages 6 and up will start with the Scavenger Hunt. Please meet by the picnic tables so we can split into groups.

Please wear a bathing suit as we will be having water games.

Corn Roast:

Saturday, September 1, 2018

It has been traditional for our families to contribute a covered dish (salad, casserole, or dessert) to share at each of these events.

The following items will be provided for the event:

Corn is the main dish on the menu.
Beverages (usually two selections) for both children and adults;
Napkins, and disposable plates, cups, and eating utensils.

Available at the Memorial Day Meeting


We are a volunteer, working community and would love to see more people get involved. Please check the enclosed calendar for upcoming events.

- All Shoreline Boats must now be registered – Please see Tracy Kilcarr. Shoreline boats can only be on the shoreline from the week AFTER Spring work weekend until the week BEFORE Fall work weekend.

- Do we have your current Boat Information?

- Millbrook is in need of a working Gas Grill – Anyone interested in donating one please contact a board member.

- Do we have your current contact information? Including email address, phone numbers, emergency contact info and home address? If not please fill out the below form and send back with your check.

download form
We are selling the beer mugs ($12 each) and wine glass ($10 each). All money made will be going directly back to the community.

We have had some bear activity in the community. While we cannot keep bears (or other animals) out we can try to prevent them from wanting to come back.

Here are some simple tips:
  1. Bear-proof your trash. Keep garbage indoors until trash pick up/or you take it to be disposed.
  2. Feed pets inside and store pet food indoors
  3. Never store any food outside.
  4. Educate your Neighbors. If you follow these steps but neighbors don't, bears may still come to your backyard.

We apologize for the late notice on the Section 5 water shut down. It will be off for at least a few hours today due to repairs being done.

Next week Section 7 is due to have repairs as well and will be shut down. We will notify everyone once we have an exact date/time.
blue arrow icon Winter Board Meeting
February 19, 2017
blue arrow icon Project Review Meeting
April 22, 2017

Millbrook Homeowners Association
PO Box 37
Greentown, PA 18426
Board Members

Jerry Kissel- President

Christine Milazzo- Vice President

Heather Franczyk- Secretary

Joe D'Annibale- Treasurer

Ed Giancaspro- Roads

Marsha Sager-Kurzwei- Dock Master

Vacant - Water

Diane Mullins- Asst. Secretary

Chip Yanusko- Asst Treasurer

Dave Leibel- Asst. Road Master

Jeff Rinehart- Asst Dock Master

Vacant- Asst. Water

Maureen Mashman- Alternate Member
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